Agricola Championship 2021



CoVid restrictions in effect:

Mandatory “3G” Entry testing
Mandatory hand disinfection

Mandatory data registration
Stay home when feeling sick

Event location:

Club 217
Ottakringer Straße 217
1160 Wien

Entry fee: EUR 5,00

Public transport:

(U3, 12A, 9, 49)

(U3, 10A, 49)

Event time:

Saturday, 02 Oct 2021
10.00 am to 07.00 pm:
Preliminaries 1 + 2 + 3

Sunday, 03 Oct 2021
10.00 am to 04.30 pm:
Prelimiary 4 + Finals

Contact person:

Tournament registrations
contact is Dennis Rappel,
as well for any questions.

Great certificates + prizes
for the top three finalists!
Thanks Lookout Games.

Tournament Rules

How to play in the tournament!


Agricola: Revised Editon
Lookout Games (2016)

4 Prelimiary & 1 Final round
all using the Danish System
and the Li Kuang Che Draft,
and these expansion decks:

P1/2: Artifex|Bubulcus full!
P3/4: Corbarius, Dulcinaria
Finals: WizKids Expansion
(the Miniature-Decks C, D)

Either 3- or 4-Player-Games
ensuring exact timekeeping
using the DGT Timer Cubes

30 minutes time in drafting
20 minutes time per player

Standings and final ranking
with tournament points TP:

5-3-2-1 TP (4-Player-Game)
5-3-1 TP (3-Player-Game)

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